February Special – weight loss hypnosis for $75 per session

Are you struggling with losing weight?

Have you tried everything, but can’t seem to stick to a diet?

Do you compulsively eat out of boredom, or fear, or anxiety or another reason?

Let’s face it…most people who fail at diets KNOW what they need to be eating to lose weight. And yet, they don’t? Why not? For compulsive over-eaters, there’s often a subconscious block preventing them from eating healthy. As a hypnotherapist, I specialize in helping people find their subconscious blocks that are driving their compulsive behaviors.

(Not just for eating, either. People compulsively do many different behaviors, and for many different reasons.)

The great thing about hypnosis is that usually, results come much more quickly than with other forms of therapy. (For example, I work with most of my clients for only 1-2 sessions to help them find their subconscious block.)

Now some hypnotists will keep people coming back over and over again, and if you want to that’s fine. But I don’t require any of my clients to buy any packages. You just come to me to get a handle on your eating (or whatever) and then after that, you can come back for a reinforcement session if you need to.

For example, I remember one woman came to me years ago because she had a sugar addiction. I worked with her for one session, then she came back to me six months later for a reinforcement session. I cannot guarantee that hypnosis will work as well for you as it did for her, but I can guarantee that my goal is to get you through your subconscious block as quickly as possible. That’s just how I work.

To take advantage of the February 2019 special, you can reach me at 480-364-6164.

Also, I’m currently practicing out of my home, so I’m only working with females at this time. Thanks for understanding.


Niki Galiano, PharmD, CHt

The “Control Panel” Self-Hypnosis Script for Anxiety

The following self-hypnosis script (“The Control Panel”) is a great visualization for people who suffer from any form of anxiety.

I personally used to use to use this method of self hypnosis all the time when I used to have a lot of anxiety. In fact I became so good at using self-hypnosis to manage my anxiety, that I hardly ever need to use it anymore!


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a relaxing place. It can be a beach, a forest, a meadow, or whatever place you find the most relaxing.

Now, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the comfort of feeling relaxed.

Take some deep breaths…in and out…that’s right.

If you can, I’d like you to imagine that there’s a short path nearby….

just imagine getting up…. and taking a quick stroll…down the little path, and after you walk about 10-20 feet you find a control panel.

This control panel can be the kind that you find when you’re on a starship (like in Star Trek), or it can be some other kind of control panel. Whatever you want it to look like is fine…just make it your own.

Now, I’d like you to notice that on your control panel, there are a multitude of dials, switches, knobs, and levers.  These dials, switches, knobs and levers control every feeling, every emotion, every chemical reaction, every physiological process in your body. They control your brainwaves, your hormones, your neurotransmitters, your nerve impulses…every physiological process in your body.

They can also control your moods, anxiety, hunger, muscle tension, body temperature, pain, digestion…virtually anything you want them to control.

So, what I’d like you to do now is just find the section of your control panel that controls your brain. Good. That’s it.

Now, the next thing I’d like you to do is to find the knob or dial that controls the speed, and frequency, and amplitude of your brain waves. Good. Now gently begin to turn down the frequency of your brainwaves so they slow down…good.

And as you do that, very soon, you’ll begin to notice that you’re feeling much more calm…much more relaxed…and much more peaceful. Good. 

Now, what I’d like you to do is find the knob… or lever…or switch that controls your muscle tension.

Just notice where it’s set. Maybe there’s a dial with a scale of numbers from 1-10. Just notice what level your muscle tension is at, and turn it all the way down, so that you begin to feel much, much more relaxed, even more than before. That’s good.

Now, I’d like you to find the portion of your brain’s control panel that fine tunes your neurotransmitters. You may notice more knobs, dials, switches, levers, lights. Imagine that each neurotransmitter is a different color, such as GABA, serotonin, dopamine etc… Each of these neurotransmitters make us feel a certain way. Go ahead and adjust them so that you feel absolutely perfect.

I’d like you to find the screen now that shows the color of the inside of your brain. Notice what color your brain is. Is it a good color, or a bad color? Is it an anxious color or a peaceful color? Imagine adjusting the switches on the control panel so that the color turns from anxious to peaceful.

Good, now just keep adjusting those neurotransmitters by adjusting the colors. It doesn’t matter if you don’t consciously know what neurotransmitter does what. Your subconscious mind knows what color it needs, and that’s all that matters.

When you adjust your neurotransmitters, imagine your brain changing color until you feel absolutely perfect. Feel your body relax, and turn up your level of joy, and inner peace.

Feel your body and mind and soul relax more and more as your brain floods with feel-good chemicals of whatever color you want.

Continue to move the dials and switches, adjusting the color of your brain chemicals, and adjusting the speed of your brain waves until you feel absolutely perfect.

Now, go ahead and find the dials and knobs and switches that controls your solar plexus in your body….that inner core of your being that tightens up when you’re feeling stressed. Notice where it’s set at. Go ahead and turn it all the way down to zero, or to where you feel most comfortable.

Good, now go ahead and notice that there’s a switch for muscle tension. Notice where your muscle tension is set at right now on a level of 1-10. If it’s higher than you’d like it to be, just decrease it to where you’d like to be…maybe a 1, or a 2, or even a zero.

Now, think of a word or a phrase that describes how good and peaceful, how wonderful and relaxed you feel right now. (Note: my phrase I used was “absolutely perfect” but you can choose any word you want. 

Now, say that word or phrase to yourself several times  and anchor that feeling with that phrase.  Repeat this self-hypnosis visualization twice a day for 2 weeks. After you do the visualization, say the anchor  phase to yourself to reinforce the feeling,

Soon, if you practice this exercise diligently, you will be able to get to the point where you can just say the anchor phrase and change your state of mind immediately!


Note: If you want, you can also record the above script into a smart phone or a voice recorder of some sort, and play it back to yourself whenever you want.

However, if you do that, here is an important warning: Never, EVER listen to any hypnosis recording while driving in the car or while operating heavy machinery, because you could fall asleep at the wheel and crash the car, or hurt yourself and someone else. Only listen to this while at home or at the office where you can relax in a safe, comfortable place.